Writings of Ayatlollah Ibrahim Amini

By Sayyid Hussein Alamdar

Publisher: AuthorHouse (4/29/2014)

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This book deals about the Islamic Gnosticism and present a comprehensive narrative about the Theoretical Gnosticism (Irfan-e-Nazari). In accordance with Islamic Ideology the most exalted aim of God and his divinely appointed prophets is the training and guidance of human being in their spiritual journey from earthly temporary abode towards the eternal God’s Celestial-Kingdom. The main contents of the book as mentioned earlier are the etiquette and instructions of Gnostic journey, ways and manners of servitude, detailed descriptions of deeds and worships that must be performed by a wayfarer, and what sort of behaviors and restrictions they must practice in order to attain the desired results.

The book consists of preface and three parts covering the following topics: Self-purification, Human Virtues, What to be?, Heart in Qur’an, Hard-heartedness, Self-refinement, Self-struggle, Egotism, Worldliness, Piety, Characteristics of the Pious, Repentance or Self-Cleansing, Training and Perfection of Self, Faith, Means of Achieving Perfection and God’s Nearness, Invocations, Instructions, Obstacles of the Path, Nourishment of Moral Virtues, Righteous Deeds etc.

The most prevalent misunderstanding about Islamic Mysticism which must be clarified is that relinquishment of worldly involvement, seclusion, and monasticism are not prerequisites for undertaking a spiritual migration towards God-Almighty; on the contrary, as it would be shown in the later part of this book, Islam demands from its followers that while living among the people a normal social life discharging the individual and collective obligations, they shouldn’t be negligent of their own selves and must pay special attention towards their spiritual purification.