Letters to the Western Youths


Publisher: Authorhouse (August 10, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1524689211

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Letters to the Western Youths are two letters written by the supreme leader of Iran in the aftermath of the Paris, France, terrorist attacks. He has invited them to study the teaching of Islam from its original sources like the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet’s (SAW) authentic traditions. He has invited the younger generations for a meaningful dialogue with the Islamic world. These terrorists are not the representative of true Islam and have been created by the Islam’s enemies to create a disgusting image of this great peaceful religion, which is stated upon the principle that if you have killed one human being, it’s tantamount that you have killed the entire humanity and vice versa. He explains that terrorism is a tragedy for the entire world. Those who created, supported, financed, and provided them weapons should be blamed for these catastrophes inflicted upon the innocent people throughout the globe.