Importance of Patience and Prayer


Lectures of Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Khamenie

By Sayyid Hussein Alamdar

Publisher: AuthorHouse (01/20/2016)

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“Without patience truth and steadfast logic of exalted school of religion wouldn’t have been understood. Divine learning of Islam, which blessed humanity, would have lost its color with the passage of time. Ultimate hope of victory of truth over falsehood, which provides life-giving fresh blood for the powerful hands and steadfast steps of believers, would have been silenced forever. Without patience existence of Monotheism, prophet-hood, and prophetic mission would haven’t been possible and produced any fruits. Rights of deprived people couldn’t have been obtained from the tyrants. Also, prayers, fasting, and other deeds would have lost their meanings. During his limited span of life in this world, a human being between his birth and death is a traveler on the road towards final destination.